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Masks & Vitamin Distributed to PAUD

Mar 08, 2021

As the world faces unprecedented health crises, the well-being of our children should be the top priority. While putting the masks on is mandatory, keeping track of their nutritious intake is quite as essential.

That’s what Pacific Place Care really cares about. So, starting from July 2020, Pacific Place Care initiated a special collaboration with Yupi to create “Yupi Kiddie Face Mask” campaign, selling face masks for children with 5 different Yupi characters. All of the proceeds would be then donated to support CSR program in distributing masks, multivitamins, and hand sanitizers for children.

Those healthy packages have been distributed to 40 children at PAUD Permata Bunda, Cipete Utara in February 2021, and to 41 children at PAUD Kasih Ibu, Rawa Barat in March 2021. Upon the distribution, a representative from Yupi also handed over Yupi products to keep the children happy.

On behalf of both PAUDs, Pacific Place Care expressed the deepest gratitude to customers and PACIFIC Privilege Members who have purchased the Yupi Kiddie Face Mask to support this CSR Program.

If you’re still interested to help the children, you can still make a purchase of Yupi Kiddie Face Mask at Redemption Booth, Level 3 or donate your 20 Point Rewards to be converted in IDR 50,000 donation.

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