Everyone has their own daily adventure. Be it exploring the rain forest, driving off-road, meeting with potential clients, or having a leisure time with family and friends. Timberland, with its iconic yellow boots, has the perfect head to toe outfits and beyond to make your adventure a comfortable and stylish one.

Opening its doors in Pacific Place on 21 October, Timberland took the guests to an experiential and sensory journey of the brand’s newest “workshop” concept store. To create a unique shopper experience all around the store, Timberland includes a craft display area, workbench, and “The Boot Room”, showcasing the heritage of the iconic footwear. Additionally, now everyone can customize the boots to their own likings.

Consistent with its durable, wearable and highly versatile qualities, Timberland launched The Harvest Gold Collection. The shades of brown with classic silhouettes and refined styles of plaid shirts, leather field jackets, boots and backpacks are made for modern adventurers. You’ll never have to worry about the harsh weather or not looking office-appropriate enough as this collection is intended for both indoor occasions and outdoor adventures alike.

For all sorts of adventures in your life, wear the right outfits and accessories. Find them only at Timberland, Level 2.